Laura Reisler, director of the Park Slope Communication & Learning Center, who has over 30 years experience treating speech, language and reading issues, talks about what to expect when you first contact us, a wonderful story about an autistic girl, and the range of help we provide. She also talks about our highly successful Phonic Engine Reading Method (see the video below) in the reading section of our website.

For the past 25 years we have helped children and adults with Speech Therapy, Language Therapy, and Reading Intervention in a warm, caring environment. We have pioneered highly successful techniques that have achieved remarkable results, helping children attain truly substantial gains where others had not been able to help. Based upon the high degree of success all our reading clientele (many with Speech or Language deficits) have achieved with our Phonic Engine® Method, combined with the fact that children with speech or language issues are at risk for reading problems, we utilize this methodology, where appropriate — and provide software and training for home use — with all children who attend our center. In addition, pre-school children and their parents receive pre-literacy counseling. Please contact us (ask for Laura) at 718.768.3526 ext. 1 or 718.768.4026 ext. 1 or at if you'd like to make an appointment, or simply talk.

We provide expert help, evaluation and consultation in every area of the Communication Continuum: Speech, Language and Literacy: Reading Intervention and Enrichment for all ages, Pre-K through adult; Speech and Language Therapy for all ages (0 to adult), all areas. Most of the people we help have been referred to us by their friends, doctors, or teachers. Please look around our website, and see what we may be able to offer you.

The Communication Continuum
Language Reading  

W. Solesky discusses her daughter's reading issues and the help she has received at our center.

Communication Continuum What is a "Communication Continuum?" Communication starts with crying, smiling, laughing and vocal inflection. And being responded to. When we do this, we are communicating. Next comes babbling, and during the latter part of this phase, sounds that are not part of our native language begin to drop away, and we enter a phase where we speak sounds in our native tongue only (or primarily) — a phase which we call the "jargon phase," and which is a most interesting one.

It's clearly an attempt to communicate. We are now forming sounds one by one in single and multi-syllabic "words." We speak "true" words interspersed with nonsense words.

And now, there's even more inflection, which conveys emotional content, and the voice is directed towards a listener who can respond.

At this point, we have taken a great leap in acquiring communication skills; eventually, nonsense words fall away, and we are "speaking." And, as we are also visual creatures, we see expression in visual forms, such as signs, letters, and books As we grow, this expands, as does our thinking process and imagination. And this, then, influences our spoken language. Words we speak, hear, and understand.

Spoken language influences, and can have an effect upon, written language; and written language influences, and can have an effect upon, spoken language. This is the communication continuum.

We have created novel methodologies, collectively referred to as the Phonic Engine® Reading Method, which tie together all the components of the Communication Continuum: speech, language, and reading, and have unique experience leveraging each to help the other. Typically, this takes the form of helping children with any and all difficulties which interfere with their ability to process information, read, and learn.

But, this unique and totally original work, which completely conforms to the needs of the individual, was developed within an environment in which original thinking thrives, and is totally client-centric. Our ability to "think outside the box" (when appropriate), and clearly leverage the connections between speech, language, and reading to serve our clientele, combined with our client-centered and empathetic environment, provides the clients of Park Slope Communication & Learning Center with a significant advantage along the entire communication continuum of speech, language, and reading, and helps position them for academic success.